I’m an electric bass player of 22 years turned audio nerd and I have been composing, recording, editing, and mixing music and audio since 2008. I have a degree from Berklee College of Music in Contemporary Writing and Production which I received in December of 2010. As a musician turned patch fanatic (aka audio engineer/soundman etc.), I have worn many hats throughout my professional audio career.  

For a few years I taught college courses in music composition, sound design, and studio production and engineering before heading into a primarily live sound direction where I was eventually made the production manager for the Crest Theatre in Sacramento.  

Due to the pandemic, I was able to pivot into audio post production where I have been putting my composition, sound editing, and mixing skills to use as the audio post supervisor and in house composer for Innervoice Media.

I absolutely love helping people bring their stories to life through sound and would be stoked to chat about your current or next project.